Reserving a Shelter

After reserving a park you will be asked for the following information so you can keep track of your reservation.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please enter your contact information. This information will be used to send you reminders. Remember the contact information you used so you or we can lookup your reservation if we need to do that.

DATE: Select a date that you would like to reserve. If the date is grayed out, it is NOT available and you'll have to pick another date.

START TIME: Choose the start time and the duration for the day and park you've selected. These times must include setup and cleanup.

RESPONSIBILITY: Please consider that other people may want to reserve on the same day so don't reserve for longer than you'll need it.

PAYMENT: Payment must be made within 30 minutes or the computer will re-open the reservation and you may lose your slot.

Update: July through September 2018, restrooms near Community Park Shelters #4, #5, and #6 are under renovation; Port-o-Lets are available for those shelters. 

Park Reservations
Select a category and date.. Please select the day and time for your reservation. You can scroll through the lists of available days and times to find the most suitable time for your reservation.
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Reservation Terms

By purchasing a reservation you agree to the following terms as well as the Parks Rules and Regulations (under More Information) provided on this website:

I will hold harmless the City of Fairborn, its elected officials, officers, employees, volunteers, servants, and agents of from any and all actions, claims, demands for damages, costs, loss of services, expenses and compensation, on or account of, or in any way growing out of, any and all personal injury or property damage which may result to groups or individuals as a result of the activity at the facility.

I have read the reservation conditions and park rules and agree to all of them; I also have the authority to commit to this agreement.


2. Payment is due at the time of reservation.